The Peoples Church Newtownabbey
64, Mallusk Road , Mallusk
Newtownabbey, BT36 4QE
Church Office Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm
T: +44 (0)28 9084 4656
Senior Pastoe George McKim
Tommy Braiden
John Thompson
Meet the Pastoral Team
Pastor George McKim grew up in Belfast, with the aspiration of becoming a professional footballer - destined to play in the English Premier League until the troubles in Northern Ireland escalated.

The then young George McKim became involved with a loyalist paramilitary group which subsequently resulted in him receiving a prison sentence for his role in criminal activity. During this time George's parents had become Christians and began earnestly praying for God to deliver their rebel son.

In 1979 after his release from the infamous Maze Prison George gave in to the pleadings of his mother and agreed to go along to a Mothers Day evening Gospel service, it was at that service that George surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

George continued with his football career playing for Bangor Football Club while working as a 'Fitter' in Short Brothers Aircraft Factory. In 1983 God called George into full time ministry as an Assistant Pastor in a North Belfast Church.

In 1986, Pastor George and his wife Linda moved to Falkirk, Scotland to pioneer 'The Peoples Church'. The Church started with twelve people at the 'Old Drill Hall' and within five years the growing congregation purchased the Falkirk West Church. Twenty four years later in 2006 Pastor George having been called of God returned to Northern Ireland with his wife Linda and two sons Lewis and Elliot.

On Sunday 14th June 2009 The Peoples Church, Newtownabbey held their inaugural service in Corr's Corner Hotel, Newtownabbey. On the first meeting, the hotel room was packed to capacity with over 320 worshippers. Within two weeks the church had out grown 'Corr's Corner' and the meetings were moved to the 'Templepatrick Hilton'.

It was not long before the growing and thriving congregation needed new premises and on Monday 31st August 2009 The Peoples Church held their first meeting in the warehouse at Mallusk.

The end is not yet!
Tommy Braiden is a human dynamo, a man of 'preparation and planning'. The King's business requires haste and efficiency is Tommy's Motto he is a man who gets things done in record time.

Saved on 10th March 1985 most of his Christian life has been spent looking after God's House, now the Lord has given him the opportunity to look after His People.

The Peoples Church Newtownabbey thanks God for Tommy and his wife Margaret.

On the 14th June 2010 Tommy was inducted into pastoral ministry.

John Thompson grew up in Loyalist West Belfast during the ‘troubles’ and in his early teens he turned away from sectarianism after giving his life to Jesus Christ.

At a youth prayer meeting in 1986, John met his wife Jackie and the pair married a year later. During the early 1990’s John and Jackie moved to England where for twenty one years they ministered in Living Hope Christian Church in Kingston Upon Hull.

In January 2015 the couple returned to Northern Ireland with John joining the pastoral team at the Peoples Church as an assistant pastor.

John's mission statement for life is, 'To Grow constantly in God, and help others do the same'. John is fully committed to pursuing these purposes through his ministry at PCN.